The project, located in the Taiwan Strait, recently received a network assignment from the Taiwanese government
wpd and Siemens Gamesa have signed a letter of intent for exclusive negotiations on delivery of SG 8.0-167 DD, together with a 15-year long-term service contract
Construction will begin in 2019, installation and commissioning is scheduled from 2020

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) intensifies its cooperation with offshore wpd in the preparation of the Yunlin offshore wind project in Taiwan. The project, which will be located approximately six kilometers from the coast in the Taiwan Strait, will reach a total capacity of 640 MW. The letter of intent, which will remain in force until July 2019, is still in the final contract phase. It was signed on the basis of the use of 80 units of the latest SGRE Offshore wind turbine, SG 8.0-167 DD, including a 15-year long-term service contract. Construction will begin in 2019 and the installation of the turbines will be carried out in 2020.

“We are delighted to have been selected by wpd and to confirm today that our latest generation offshore wind turbine, the SG 8.0-167, is ready for the Taiwanese market after 2020. We hope that this preferential supplier agreement will soon become a confirmed order, “says Andreas Nauen, Offshore CEO at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.

Niels Steenberg, CEO of SGRE Offshore for the APAC region, added: “As the first large-scale project in the APAC region, it will play a crucial role in the development of the Offshore wind industry in Taiwan, and we are working closely with wpd today. to meet the planned schedule, and ensure that the necessary infrastructure will be in place for a successful implementation. “

With a goal of 520 MW installed by 2020, and a 3.8 GW capacity for Offshore wind energy projects in the first round of its network allocation mechanism, the Taiwanese government has sent strong signals to establish an Offshore industry from of 2020. To support this ambitious goal, Siemens Gamesa has already signed several agreements of intent with local partners.

“We attach great value to the union of forces to help achieve the government’s objectives,” said Andreas, “with the intensification of SGRE’s cooperation with our historic wpd client, the partners are promoting the implementation of an offshore public service project.” Nauen, Offshore CEO at SGRE. “The additional work we are doing with other intentions agreement partners, including Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Yeong Guan Energy Technology Group and Swancor Holdings Co., is aimed at the development of the Offshore Taiwanese wind industry.”

Siemens Gamesa in Offshore
SGRE is the world leader in the offshore market, with more than 2,300 offshore wind turbines operating worldwide with a combined capacity of more than 11GW. The company’s experience dates back to 1991, when it established the world’s first offshore wind farm. Through a strong focus on innovation, SGRE constantly strives to reduce the cost of offshore wind energy.

SGRE recently won an order to supply 20 SWT-6.0-154 offshore wind turbines for the Taiwanese offshore wind farm Formosa 1 – Phase 2, of 120 MW, together with a 15-year service contract in Taiwan. In 2016, the company installed the first Taiwanese offshore wind farm: the Formosa 1 – Phase 1, 8 MW demonstration project.

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