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Seawind Systems and Dr. Tehn. Olav Olsen Included One Strategic Partnership

Seawind Systems and Dr. Tehn. Olav Olsen Included One Strategic Partnership that Includes Investment in Norway For a 6.2MW Demonstrator

14 February 2017

Seawind Systems and Dr. Techn. Olav Olsen announced today that it has formally entered into one strategic cooperation to promote new business value by accelerating the introduction of 2-blade offshore wind energy systems using Olav Olsen’s design for solid and liquid concrete based structures.

Offshore wind is a renewable energy source with great potential, but with significant obstacles to doing it in becoming a self-sustaining industry. Major challenges related to installation and high maintenance costs make it unattractive to private investors, while the industry is heavily dependent on subsidies.

Olav Weider, Director of Olav Olsen, states that Seawind team has been committed to developing a commercially viable alternative to the current 3-lobed system. EU recently gave this work “Seal of Excellence”. We are proud to join their 6.2MW demonstration project at Karmøy MetCenter.

Martin Jakubowski, CEO of Seawind, said that the high cost of wind energy is associated with the current offshore models is a modified version of the heavy 3-lobed onshore turbines that are not designed for offshore use. Offshore wind energy is limited to moderated climate then current models are not designed to withstand challenging climate as hurricanes.

Seawind will provide the first 6.2MW 2-lobed energy turbine designed specifically for offshore use. With his “teetering ” suspension and directional control system is built for extreme weather conditions offshore. We are very proud to work together with the prestigious engineering firm Olav Olsen on our first offshore demonstration wind turbine.

Seawind implementing key technology to make wind turbines robust and suitable for installation and operation offshore even in hurricane-prone areas such as East Asia and the United States. The turbine housing has a helipad which makes it possible to bring both personnel and equipment safely on board in difficult weather conditions. LCOE will be significantly lower than for traditional offshore wind turbine systems.

Seawind System and Olav Olsen has signed one partnership to build the first demonstration turbine in 2018, with the advent of Seawind’s two turbo turbine in combination with Olav Olsen’s innovative concrete foundation. Olav Weider says: Offshore concrete structures, such as Condeep platforms have been Olav Olsen’s trademark since the 70’s. We have cooperated with Seawind’s technical team to develop one design tailored to their unique 2-lobed wind turbine. Olav Olsen has a long and good history related to the development of innovative offshore structures.

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