10th January 2017

The Joint Venture Navantia-Windar has been awarded by Siemens Wind Power  the  supply of  3-legged jackets foundations and their corresponding piles for four (4) SWT-7.0-154 offshore wind turbines. These structures are to be installed in a demo offshore wind farm located in the northwest part of Denmark, in a fjord close to the North Sea and close to the Thyborøn port.

Nissum Bredning (NBV) is an offshore wind Project shared by Nissum Bredning Vindmøllelaug I/S (55%) and local utility Jysk Energi A/S (45%). The project is supported by the Danish Ministry of Energy and it is and is regarded as an excellent opportunity to test, in a controlled and small-scale environment, a number of new key technologies in the field of offshore wind.

This project will be executed in parallel to the construction of 42 jackets for East Anglia One at the Navantia Fene facility. Delivery of the last Nissum Bredning jackets is planned by mid 2017.

Source credit: http://www.navantia.es/noticia.php?id_noti=420

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