March 6, 2017

Production facilities in Nakskov and Lindø are seeking production employees and engineers to help meet increasing demand for the groundbreaking V164-8.0 MW turbine platform.

After recently recruiting over 100 manufacturing jobs in the UK, MHI Vestas is turning its attention to manufacturing sites at Lindø and Nakskov, and is now recruiting 414 additional employees at the company’s Danish nacelle and blade factories.

The current hiring wave, which will nearly double the number of employees at the two factories, will have a significant economic impact on Fyn and Lolland, further entrenching the company’s long-term presence in both regions.

MHI Vestas CEO Jens Tommerup said, “MHI Vestas is proud to be able to create more than 400 manufacturing jobs at our facilities in regional Denmark. The additional positions are a positive reflection of the market’s increasing interest in the 8 MW platform and MHI Vestas in general. They are good for the communities of Nakskov and Lindø, and good for Denmark as we continue to develop regional competence centers with highly skilled employees.”
With world-class facilities focused on safety, thorough training, and continuous education, MHI Vestas has become one of the top workplace destinations for highly skilled production employees and engineers throughout Denmark.
The company is looking for people who want to make a difference for the environment and play a key role in ensuring MHI Vestas’ position as the world’s leading offshore wind turbine manufacturer.

Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities, and Climate, Lars Christian Lilleholt, said, “I’m very happy for this news, which cements Denmark’s global leadership position in the wind industry – a position which the Government wants to expand further by, among other things, building several test sites for land and offshore wind power, as well as launching a screening of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea for possible locations for additional offshore wind power. Over 400 new Danish jobs is gratifying for growth and employment in Denmark and in particular, the regions on Fyn and Lolland. We must bear in mind that Denmark only is a source of inspiration for other countries if the Green conversion is cost-effective and supports growth, competitiveness and employment.”

The announcement comes as the offshore wind sector continues to see costs decline, making wind energy more affordable for consumers. Through the development of the V164-8.0 MW turbine, MHI Vestas has played an integral role in lowering the cost of energy and hastening the elimination of government financial support, a key priority for the wind industry and for Denmark.

The major recruitment effort follows MHI Vestas’ production ramp up at its UK facility on the Isle of Wight last November. Just as the company entrenched its long-term presence in the UK, it now signals a strong commitment to continue bringing manufacturing jobs and economic vitality to rural Denmark.

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