29th June 2017
Kersten Middle East proudly announces to be awarded the production of 330 J-tubes for the East Anglia ONE wind farm.

East Anglia ONE

East Anglia ONE is the worlds’ largest offshore wind farm under construction. The windfarm consists of 102 Siemens wind turbines and foundations located in the Eastern part of England in the North Sea. Each turbine is rated at 7 megawatts, which totals an overall generating capacity of up to 714 megawatts. This equals a number of 500,000 households to be provided with green energy.

The turbines have grounded three-legged jacket foundations. These foundations weigh 845 tonnes and stand at 65meter tall. The generated electricity of all turbines will be collected at the offshore substation platform and transferred to shore.

Kersten Middle East has been awarded the production of J-tubes for the East Anglia One Windfarm. J-tubes are steel tubes shaped in a J- and/or S-form attached to the foundation. They are used to guide the export power cables from the turbine to the seabed.

“Our team and I are very proud to have been awarded the J-tubes for East Anglia ONE project” says Mike Minten, general manager at Kersten Middle East. “We will produce a total of 330 J-tubes for this project. Our scope involves the bending of seamless tubes CHS 457 x 12.5/ 20.0mm with a S355J2H grade and in order to comply to the strict European Offshore wind specifications all J-Tubes will be 100% Magnetical Particle inspected (MPI). The J-tubes are Just-In-Time delivered to different Lamprell Energy Ltd. yards in Hamriya – Sharjah and Jebel Ali – Dubai.”

Source credit: https://www.renewableconstructions.com/en/news/kersten-middle-east-produces-j-tubes-for-east-anglia-one

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