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Havyard designs another windfarm vessel for Esvagt


Havyard designs another windfarm service vessel for ESVAGT Havyard Group confirms its position within the offshore wind power industry. Havyard delivered one of the world’s first purpose-built vessels for offshore windfarms, and this will become the fifth windfarm service vessel for one of the pioneers within offshore wind power, ESVAGT.

This is a design and equipment contract for construction at an external shipyard in Europe, and Sales Director Gisle Vinjevoll Thrane, is pleased with this contract that leads to work for both Havyard Design & Solutions and several subcontractors in the region. Contract value is more than NOK 70 million. Equipment package includes DE propulsion system from Norwegian Electric Systems AS where Havyard owns just over 50%, as well as Havyard IAS and Havyard Concept Bridge™.

“We have developed a vessel that has met requirements from both shipowner and operator of the vessel. We have balanced technical aspects with commercial requirements, and as such, we have been able to win this contract in a tough and competitive market. The vessel is due to be delivered to ESVAGT in August 2019, and will enter a contract with the Danish wind power company MHI Vestas and serve in the OWF Deutsche Bucht field”, says Sales Director Gisle Vinjevoll Thrane of Havyard Design & Solutions.

Havyard meets expectations
There is an expected NOK 1000 billion investment within offshore wind power, in Europe alone. In addition, there is an increasing number of ocean windfarms around the globe. Farms are also increasingly further away from shore compared to previously. As a result, purpose-built vessels are needed.

“With this contract we show once more that we understand the requirements within this market and deliver vessels with the best solutions for offshore wind farms.”

Design Manager Arve Helsem Leine says the starting point for the development of Havyard 831 SOV was to design a compact, efficient and profitable vessel for smaller windfarms.

“As we now sign a second contract for this design, it confirms that we have succeeded in creating a design that meets expectations.”

Havyard 831 SOV is developed in close cooperation between Havyard Design & Solutions, shipowner and operator in order to find the good solutions, and is furthermore a result of Havyard’s long-term work on hull design and improved seakeeping capabilities.

“We have had obvious achievement targets, strict requirements and we have put lots of resources into finding the best compromise between the variables that provide best performance and best seakeeping capabilities for this specific vessel and its use,” says R&D Manager Kristian Steinsvik in Havyard.

Fantastic cooperation
This is going to be the seventh Havyard vessel heading to ESVAGT. The other contracts are four windfarm vessels, one oil service vessel and one vessel for crew change.

“Through our close cooperation with Havyard we know that we get vessels that provide our customers with safe, innovative and efficient services,” says Chief Operating Officer Kristian Ole Jakobsen of ESVAGT.

Gisle Vinjevoll Thrane in Havyard is pleased with the good cooperation with ESVAGT and the results of this.

“This cooperation has been a long-lasting and long-term one. We know what ESVAGT expects from us and they know that we deliver. We know each other and we trust each other. Due to this cooperation, we can both challenge each other and develop unique vessels like the Havyard 831 SOV.”

Work on both design and equipment package will start immediately and the vessel is due to be delivered in August 2019.

Havyard 831 SOV
During development of this design, there has been great emphasis on developing an efficient platform in order to serve offshore windfarms. The vessel has large and comfortable accommodation with capacity for putting up windfarm service personnel, in addition to the vessel’s crew. Additionally, good storage capacity for equipment and tools has been provided for below deck and for containers on deck.

The vessel is fitted out with ESVAGT ‘s own STB (Safe Transfer Boat), boats that are launched for transport of service personnel to the windfarms, in addition to an integrated, heave-compensated gangway.

Hull is designed for low fuel emissions and has seakeeping capabilities that secure best possible comfort and safety for crew and service personnel aboard.

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