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E.ON launches solar PV and battery storage solution which could cut electricity bills by 50% and save people £300 a year

E.ON has launched an innovative home energy solution technology for British consumers that’s already revolutionising the way people generate, store and use solar power in their homes in Europe.

As part of E.ON’s commitment to providing its customers with smarter, sustainable solutions, E.ON Solar and Storage uses rooftop solar PV panels to convert sunlight into electricity which can then be used to provide power straightaway or stored in an at-home battery to use even when the sun goes down.

People who take E.ON Solar and Storage could make significant savings on their electricity bills1 of around 30% or £180 a year for those who take solar panels or around 50% or £300 a year for those who take solar panels and battery storage.

As well as energy savings people can also earn money via the Feed-In Tariff. Combined, this could mean that E.ON Solar and Storage users are £560 better off a year – the equivalent to a reduction of 80% on their electricity bill.1

E.ON Solar and Storage also offers people:

  • ON Solar Manager which is an easy-to-use app to see what they’re generating, saving, earning and storing;
  • Peace of mind with warranties that cover the solar panels for 25 years and the battery for 10 years;
  • Reassurance through a performance guarantee, available with some of our systems, so if the generation drops below what we quoted for the design, E.ON will pay the difference.
  • Access to a team of specialist advisors who’ll be on hand to help answer any queries before, during and after the installation.

The technology has been tried and tested by E.ON in Germany and Sweden – markets that lead in sustainable technology and engineering – and is already helping customers to generate and store power. E.ON plans to replicate this in the British market.

Gavin Stokes, Head of Commercial Solutions at E.ON UK, said: “We’re really pleased to launch E.ON Solar and Storage for consumers in Britain. We all know that solar panels give people the power to generate their own electricity, helping to lower bills and lessening their reliance on the grid. But the introduction of an at-home battery elevates this technology to the next level by giving people the means to store the power they generate for use whenever it suits them.

“We want to be at the heart of a new energy world that will be more decentralised, more interconnected, lower in carbon and offer our customers smarter, sustainable solutions that support their individual energy needs. E.ON Solar and Storage demonstrates our continued commitment to achieving this ambition; it will help put power directly into consumers’ hands, helping them save energy and money.”

Anyone can have E.ON Solar and Storage installed, not just people supplied by E.ON. People must own their home and, crucially, own their roof.

To allow homeowners to tailor E.ON Solar and Storage to their individual needs, they can choose to have the full solution with a solar PV and battery system fully installed, just the battery installed if they already have a solar PV system, or a solar PV system installed without the battery.

E.ON is launching E.ON Solar and Storage in the Midlands and hopes to offer it more widely later in 2017. Homeowners can visit to enter details about their home, using E.ON’s calculator to work out how much E.ON Solar and Storage could cost and what they could save and earn from it.

Once they register their interest, an E.ON Solar and Storage advisor will visit their home at a mutually agreed date and time to carry out a suitability survey in order to ensure solar PV and battery is the right solution for them and their home.

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