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Europe remains the bastion of wind energy where Germany leads the region in onshore capacity, the UK leading the offshore markets, and countries like Denmark and the Netherlands ushering the EU toward a fossil free future through their commitments to renewable technologies.

The EU continues to strengthen its position on green energy through its targets for renewably sourced electricity and is working hard toward an energy sharing network to enable complimentary generation capacity to be exchanged as needed.

Market leaders such as Siemens and Vestas work closely with entities like Vattenfall, Orsted and Statoil, providing state-of-the-art wind farms for national energy providers working in close conjunction with Europe’s grid operators. As such, their combined expertise is the driving force behind some of the most significant innovations within the industry, and their commitment to investing into ongoing research and development programs are producing world leading technologies. Hornsea Project One will have the capacity to provide power to one million homes, which is a genuine milestone achievement for an offshore wind farm, and demonstrates how advanced Europe’s wind energy solutions have become. Projects such as Vattenfall’s Kriegers Flak have also shown the World how cost effective wind power can be and is paving the way to removal of wind energy subsidies. These developments are crucial to wind power becoming a ubiquitous part of our energy landscape and reducing electricity costs for the consumer.

The technologies being developed within Europe now to support wind energy generation and storage will have far reaching and lasting consequences for the World as their refinement and development has knock on effects for electrically powered travel and for mobile digital communications. InDepth Wind will remain heavily invested in Europe’s energy market place reporting on each new development and looking at their ramifications for our industry and our planet.

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Vattenfall: Today’s agreement confirms the political commitment to a future 100 percent renewable energy system. It also acknowledges the importance of nuclear power to realise this in a financially responsible way. ”We welcome that a broad parliamentary agreement on the future direction of Swedish energy policy has been reached, giving

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