The independent service provider Deutsche Windtechnik and the international infrastructure fund manager DIF are further expanding their years of cooperation. From 2019, Deutsche Windtechnik will be responsible for the maintenance of 25 Enercon wind turbines in four wind farms for the first time: Büren with 10x E-70, Masterhausen with 7x E-70, Masterhausen II with 3x E-82 and Springe-Bennigsen with 5x E 82 in Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. The full maintenance contracts are designed for a period of eight to eleven years with options for up to five further years and include protection against external damage.

DIF has been a customer of Deutsche Windtechnik for many years and now signs contracts for Enercon wind farms for the first time. “We made the decision for Deutsche Windtechnik on the basis of several positive factors such as contract design, price and duration,” says David Lau, Head of Asset Management DIF Germany, explaining the arguments for the independent service provider. The infrastructure manager completely passes on the risk of external damage to Deutsche Windtechnik, thus ensuring maximum security. “Already in other wind farms we have had very good experiences with this contract variant and the support of Deutsche Windtechnik. This has given the company the advantage of trust that we are happy to bring with the new contracts, “emphasizes David Lau.

The entire range of services from basic to full maintenance

“We can and we want to offer Enercon service, with the usual quality of service! From the basis to the full maintenance contract, including the coverage of external damage – all contract variants are possible, “says Hauke ​​Behrends, Managing Director of Deutsche Windtechnik Service, describing the range of services. The rapid market maturity was achieved by a team that brought a wealth of experience with Enercon technology to the company and pushed ahead with preparations in a variety of disciplines. “Back in 2017, we built and trained a team of experienced technicians and engineers who put their expertise into independent service. The Training Center with the real Enercon E-70-E4 machine house is also an essential part of the further development in this area, “adds Hauke ​​Behrends.

Preventive maintenance improves the operation

The claim is not just to copy the service at the manufacturer’s level. Instead, the goal is to improve the overall operation through transparency, speed, flexibility, preventive maintenance and clever spare partsmanagement. Sebastian Scholz, Technical Site Manager at Deutsche Windtechnik, explains in more detail: “We want to significantly reduce the susceptibility of plant operation to failure! For this purpose, we have refined the manufacturer’s maintenance and testing instructions, including the maintenance protocols, and prepared them preventively. For example, we are checking important components with increased susceptibility to failure at high frequencies in order to prevent operational failures in advance. ”

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